Signature Massage with Exfoliation

In a culture busy "seizing the day", we tend to forget to release the day.

Good Morning!

Coffee grounds and cinnamon to refresh your skin. Almond oil infused with essential oils to tone, moisturize and feed your skin.
Exfoliation    $30
with Massage    $100

Essential Balance

First, essential oil infused sugar scrub. Next, take your relaxation to a deeper level in a session designed to also address the energetic body and balance chakras using a variety of essential oils.
Exfoliation    $50
with Massage    $155

Spirits & Sage

From the indigenous roots of the Americas; clay, sage and steamy towels to detox, moisturize and relax.
Exfoliation    $40
with Massage    $120

Plain, Simple & Effective

No bells and whistles, yet gets the job done using exfoliating mitts and pure unscented almond oil.
Exfoliation    $25
with Massage    $90