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Practical Woman Self-Care

For Women Only.
Massage Class developed/presented by María de las Rosas, BNCTMB, LMT

Breath Work, Taoist Massage, Lymphatic Massage, and Self-Empowerment coaching in a safe, modest, welcoming environment.

You Will Learn:    
• The benefits of breath work            
• The benefits of self-massage - from disease prevention to improved physical form                       
• How to take command of your health with an easy to use protocol
• What doctors and research institutions say about keeping your breasts healthy and youthful


Couples Connection Massage©

Beginners Class developed/presented by María de las Rosas, BNCTMB, LMT

Have you ever heard, "You press too hard"  "My hands get tired"  "It's too much work" ?

Massage is an art form, but it need not be physically demanding.

Learn an easy, non-strenuous massage protocol that provides couples with the tools to enhance their partnership in a gentle, joyful, loving manner. You will both feel relaxed and connected. And, as you get comfortable with it, you can let your imagination lead you to develop your own "signature moves"!